FAQ – Schools/Daycares

  1. For all inquiries please email   farmtoschool@peakmarket.com
  2. No additions can be made to existing fundraising orders. A new order must be submitted. Nor additions or orders can be made after the closure date – which is 10 calendar days before the delivery date.
  3. Orders may be placed up to 10 calendar days before the delivery (schools/daycares) or pickup (organizations) date you selected.
  4. Depending on the size of your vegetable order, you will need approximately 5-20 volunteers for about 1-3 hours. Here is a rough guideline:

    100 bundles – 5 volunteers
    125 bundles – 10 volunteers
    150+ bundles – 15+ volunteers

    Please keep in mind the vegetable delivery truck driver cannot assist with unloading vegetables. It is recommended to have some volunteers who can lift 50lbs.
  5. Farm to School has partnered with specific foodbanks in each province. Upon registration, your school/daycare or organization has the choice to have the Peak of the Market Farm to School program designate and deliver any donated bundles that were placed through your order process OR your school/daycare or organization can choose to have all donated vegetable bundles delivered to your facility and you can then distribute them to the charity/foodbank of your choice. YOU MUST COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR COMMUNITY AS TO WHICH PROCESS YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO APPLY TO YOUR ORDERS. PEAK OF THE MARKET FARM TO SCHOOL IS NOT RESPONSIBLE TO COMMUNICATE THE METHOD YOU HAVE CHOSEN. WE WILL, HOWEVER, DELIVER THE BUNDLES AS PER YOUR INSTRUCTIONS.
    **NOTE** If any individual would prefer to donate to a different foodbank/charity of their choice, they should purchase a regular bundle then donate it as they see fit.
  6. Winnipeg Delivery Times:

    The morning delivery slot is from 9 am to Noon OR the afternoon delivery slot is from 1 to 3 pm. The third-party drivers will call the receiving contact name listed on your initial registration the day of their scheduled delivery at the start of each time slot. Your phone call will depend on the time slot chosen by the school or daycare.

    Outside of Winnipeg Delivery Times:

    The third-party trucking company hired for deliveries does their best to call the receiving contact name listed on your initial registration before their arrival, the day of delivery.

    Specific delivery times cannot be guaranteed by the third-party couriers but they will do their best to contact the receiving contact name listed on your initial registration on the day of delivery.

    Communication regarding the delivery of your order must be done with the Farm to School Administrator only. Delivery drivers/Carrier companies are not responsible for the organization/distribution/or quality of your order. They are there to deliver the product ONLY to an area or drop site they determine meets their Workplace Health and Safety and Liability Guidelines. Any negative communication with the Delivery truck company/driver is deemed unacceptable and will result in a penalty to participate in the Farm to School Program thereafter, for a period of 2 years.
  7. Payment for orders will only be accepted online by credit card.
  8. Cheques will be issued and mailed at the end of the month that the fundraiser was completed payable to the School/Daycare/Organization as it is entered for enrollment.
  9. The orders placed will be cancelled and those that ordered will receive credit for their original payment.
  10. There is a minimum of $1,000 in orders required for each delivery (schools/daycares) or pickup (organizations) date. There is only one delivery date available for schools and daycares and one pickup date available for other organizations, so please ensure everyone is aware of the fundraising period and delivery/pickup date.

    Schools/Daycares: Delivery is free.
    Organizations: Organizations must arrange for their own pickup or delivery of the vegetables from 1200 King Edward Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Wednesdays are only available for pick up between 8 am – 4 pm.
  11. No, only one fundraiser can be organized per school/daycare/organization during the fundraising season.
  12. Yes, there is a minimum of $1,000 in orders. If the minimum is not met, the purchases will be credited back to the forms of payment made for the orders.
  13. The first date you can place an order is 55 calendar days prior to your selected delivery date (for schools/daycares) or pickup date (for organizations). The last date orders will be accepted will be 10 calendar days before your selected delivery/pickup date.
  14. Schools, daycares and organizations can schedule the fundraiser between September and December. Schools and daycares: The first day of deliveries is September 26. The last day for delivery is December 16. There are no deliveries on September 30, October 10 and November 11. Organizations: Can schedule a pickup on WEDNESDAYS ONLY between September 28 and December 14 from 8 am – 4 pm at our 1200 King Edward Street location. You can pick up the vegetables yourself or arrange your own delivery service.
  15. Yes, non-school and daycare groups can participate as an “organization.” Organizations can sell vegetable bundles and keep 50% of the profits. We cannot deliver to organizations. Organizations must pick up their orders from our 1200 King Edward Street location. Pick ups take place on WEDNESDAYS from 8 am – 4pm ONLY. When you register as an organization, you will be prompted to select a pickup date that will only be a Wednesday. Please note: pickup must be done all at once, so be sure to have all the transport vehicles needed and ready before contacting the farm to school administrator of your arrival at 1200 King Edward Street. Remember: the loading dock at Peak of the Market is approximately 4 feet high. Pick up trucks are recommended. When all vehicles have arrived, call the Farm to School administrator once you arrive at 204-594-1414 to be directed to a delivery door for receiving.
  16. Once you have registered, your sales portal will be active 55 calendar days from your delivery date (for schools and daycares or pickup date for organizations). In actual fact, you will have 45 days to sell vegetables because the portal closes 10 calendar days before your delivery date. For example: You have selected a delivery date of November 30. Your sales portal will open on Thursday, October 6 and your sales portal will close on November 20 at 11:59 pm.
  17. You can find us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube @peakfarm2school
  18. Select GET STARTED from Overview or How It Works page.